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Friday, April 6, 2012

Money Art. An art project by Donovan Clark, painting on money

Money Art is an art project that Donovan Clark has been working on since March 2012. Donovan paints intricate imagery on one dollar bills, and uses them for tips when he gets a cup of coffee or breakfast. Donovan is interested in the concept of "free art" and how it relates to this project. His subject matter has been figurative or trompe-l'oeil. Donovan alters the presidents portrait into a popular icon,or he paints a realist image on the bill such as ladybugs or cracks.

Batman 1

The Joker 2

Ladybugs 3



          Left Arm 4

         Slick Rick 5 

              Bunny 6 

                Frank 7 (Donnie Darko)

             Optimus Prime 8

                   Mr. Pink 9 (Reservoir Dogs)

        Alex 10 (A Clockwork Orange)

        Darth Vader 11

Sunday, April 1, 2012

31 days of Pandas art show poening at DTA Arcata.


                                                                Doing some live art

                                                                Dot Smith on the Mic
                                                      Never Die spitting some rhymes.

                                                           The finished piece of live art.
                                                               The Humboldt Rockers
                                                             The Humboldt Rockers
                                                              The Humboldt Rockers

                                                        Collaborative piece with Edson.

                                                    Collaborative piece with Edson.

                                                       Some of the 31 days of Pandas.
                                                          Some of the 31 days of Pandas.
                                                         Some of the 31 days of Pandas.