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Monday, March 26, 2012

20 Kigurumi characters

I will paint 20 Kigurumi characters by March 20th. The paintings are for an art project the school I work for, the Arcata Arts Institute, is doing. It is a community supported art project where people buy shares and receive three crates of original works of art by local artists. Twenty different people will receive one of my paintings along with other local artists work

                                                                           Panda 1
                                                                          Bunny 2
                                                                          Raccoon 3
                                                                       Turtle 4
                                                                         Monkey 5
                                                                          Tiger 6
                                                                         Unicorn 7
                                                                         Squirrel 8
                                                                         Ladybug 9
                                                                         Shark 10
                                                                         Frog 11
                                                                          Owl 12
                                                               Ring tailed lemur 13
                                                                          Bear 14
                                                                          Fox 15
                                                                         Butterfly 16
                                                                        Porcupine 17
                                                                    Toucan 18
                                                                          Penguin 19

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